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a modern sort of mystic

(all those things that you aren't saying are the things i'm not obeying)

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Name:Jaqui Lokadottir
Birthdate:Aug 27
Location:Dallas, Texas, United States of America
Website:Living the Stories
I'm an afab genderfluid (though largely woman-identified) queer anglo-cubanoamericana who's into strange variants of Norse religion (racist heathens and Nokeans can go away now, thank you), assorted woo, speculative fiction, comic books, and video games.

I like to tell stories and make things. At the moment, I'm doing the freelance writing and web design thing.

I've got a story in my pocket and a bag full of apples; I'm rewriting this fairy tale whether you like it or not.

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Interests (136):

ancient history, androgyny, angels, angrboða, ani difranco, assassin's creed, avengers, babylon 5, batman, bdsm, body modification, buffy the vampire slayer, cabaret, caffeine, captain america, charles de lint, choice, clive barker, comparative religion, crack pairings, criminal minds, curvy girls, dance dance revolution, dar williams, depeche mode, dexter, diana wynne jones, doctor who, dollhouse, dragon age, e nomine, eleventh hour, evil chickens, fairy tales, faith and the muse, fanfiction, feeling electric, femmeslash, final fantasy, firefly, florence + the machine, fullmetal alchemist, gail simone, george r.r. martin, getbackers, girl genius, gnosticism, hellsing, herbalism, icon of coil, in nomine, invader zim, iron man, j. michael straczynski, jane yolen, jewelry making, jhonen vasquez, joss whedon, jötnar, labyrinth, lady gaga, languages i don't know, leather, leverage, life on mars, lois mcmaster bujold, loki, mad scientists, masochism, mass effect, musicals, neil gaiman, nornir, norse mythology, northern tradition paganism, october project, once upon a time, paganism, placebo, poe, poets of the fall, polyamory, polytheism, poppy z. brite, rainer maria rilke, ralph waldo emerson, raven kaldera, reincarnation, rent, rising stars, robert heinlein, roleplaying, runes, rökkatru, sandalwood, sapiosexuality, scars, separation of church and state, shakespeare, sherlock, shiny things, silent hill, sisters of mercy, size acceptance, slash, social justice, sodomy, space: above and beyond, speculative fiction, stargate atlantis, steampunk, stromkern, sushi, swords, t.s. eliot, tamora pierce, tarot, teen wolf, the cure, tim burton, torchwood, tori amos, tricksters, urban fantasy, utena, velvet goldmine, vnv nation, walt whitman, web design, werewolves, white collar, wicked, wolfsheim, world of warcraft, writing, wyrd
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