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Yeah, I still exist. Hello, everyone!

Things have been... really boring in some ways, really exciting in others. So... um... have my life in bullet points.

  • CELEXA. After every antidepressant I'd ever been on previously doing bad things to me, I got a prescription for Celexa, and it is so awesome. I hardly ever have overwhelming urges to kill myself at all anymore, and the anxiety is better enough that I can actually get things done.
  • Speaking of getting things done: This is perfect for building habits, especially for things you don't want to put on a formal to-do list (I use Remember the Milk for my to-do lists, and it's also pretty awesome) because they happen every day or three times a week or something. You check off your tasks every day, and you get to watch chains form for how many days in a row you get something done. It's incredibly simple, and yet brilliant at the same time, because you can compare chains and see how each new thing affects other things you're doing.
  • If there's anyone out there who's trying to exercise more, and needs motivation, Fitocracy is really awesome. It turns exercise into a game, where you get points for working out, and you can level up, and there are quests and achievements. And it is specifically a fitness site, not a dieting site, so there are no annoying food trackers and calorie calculators and all that shit. Sadly, the HAES group on Fitocracy regularly gets concern-trolled by people who are all HOW DARE YOU PROMOTE OBESITY? SO UNHEALTHY! so I haven't felt safe posting there, and thus I have very few friends on the site. Still, I love the concept, and I'm begging anyone reading me who's interested in exercising more to go sign up and friend me (storyinmypocket, of course) so we can congratulate each other on our workouts and levels gained. Pretty please?
  • I have a tumblr.  [ profile] storyinmypocket. I'm sure that username came a surprise to all of you. I spend a lot of time there, because reblogging lets me share interesting things I find on the internet without having to actually write a post. Also, [ profile] unfuckyourhabitat is really great for getting me to clean my room more instead of giving up and being swallowed up by a tidal wave of food wrappers and empty Coke cans.
  • I am writing again! Well, by "writing" I really mean "putting down a few sentences here and there", but this is major progress.
  • I miss journal-based RP. I keep looking at games and trying to figure out who I'd app, and then chickening out. Bah.
  • There are a few things wrong with me, health-wise, that will be getting looked at soon. Specifically, I need to see a sleep specialist and hematologist. Also, a dentist. Mrrh.
  • I have finally become assertive enough to actually ask my uncle for the groceries I want. This means I'm getting to experience the joys of REAL CHEESE (as opposed to individually wrapped slices of processed cheese product) and salads with black olives and cucumber and red onion and a whole lot of baby spinach and romaine lettuce, instead of my grandma's usual "throw some chunks of tomato on top of iceberg lettuce and call it done" salads.
  • Iceberg lettuce is the devil.
  • Pomegranate vinaigrette is the best salad dressing in the history of ever.
  • I know this is turning into a lot of bullet points about salad, but I made myself a really huge salad for lunch and it was so good, you guys. I have been craving raw spinach for ages, and now I have a huge container of the stuff. ALL THE SALAD FOR ME!
  • Wait, come back! This next bullet point isn't about salad!
  • What I've been reading: I recently discovered Lois McMaster Bujold, and am wondering what the hell took me so long. I was drawn in by the Chalion series, and the wonderful things it does with its gods, and more recently have been working my way through the Vorkosigan Saga, which is delightful. Miles "I ACCIDENTALLY A MERCENARY FLEET" Vorkosigan is one of my new favorite characters, and his mother is the SF heroine I always wanted to read about. Why aren't there more books about her? I'm also enjoying the hell out of Patricia Briggs (love how she does werewolves), Simon R. Green's Nightside series, everything by Seanan McGuire/Mira Grant, Richard Kadrey's Sandman Slim (seriously, when William Gibson refers to something as a dirty-ass masterpiece, it's worth reading), and just to top it all off, I'm enjoying a reread of Jim Butcher's Dresden Files because they're fun. I still like George R.R. Martin, and at some point, I will go back to reading A Feast for Crows and moving on to A Dance with Dragons, once I'm in a place where I can tolerate how people feel compelled to warn of and/or threaten sexual violence to one of my favorite characters an average of every other page. Just... really, GRRM? REALLY? You write amazing stories, and I can take a lot for a good story, but I'm getting to the point where I want to scream and throw the book across the room.
  • What I've been watching: I've fallen head over heels in love with Teen Wolf, which I expected to suck, but is in fact awesome and full of kickass female characters who deserve more love than they get. It's sort of my current obsession. I've also finally given in and gotten caught up on True Blood. It's the blood-splattered vampire sex that does it. Well, and Lafayette. Lafayette is fucking flawless. There's also Game of Thrones (of course), Lost Girl (a show which doesn't get nearly enough love), Once Upon a Time, White Collar, Leverage, Supernatural (yes, I know... I swear, this show is my bad boyfriend)... Oh, and I've finally been persuaded to watch Veronica Mars, and I'm now very sad it was canceled.
  • Avengers. AvengersAvengersAVENGERS! ...Avengers. (Spider-Man?)
  • I've been reading more comics lately. I'm mostly a DC girl (I miss Oracle, and Nightwing's fingerstripes, and writers who understood Jason Todd and Starfire), but I've recently started looking into the Marvel universe again, after a brief fling with X-Men when I was much younger. I happily accept recs.

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